Saturday, 26 May 2012

Missing Sydney Harriettes' Franklins Award....?

Not the Sydney Harriette
Franklins Award!!
During our last AGM Strawbs and Nympho were recognised for their contributions and their efforts, over the years, in making the Harriette experience the fun filled Wednesday night it deserves to be.  Their efforts were recognised by being awarded the Franklins Award, however they were unable to receive the actual trophy as it has gone missing.

It has been a few years since its last public appearance (much like the golden boobs and the chastity belt), it is a large trophy, gaudy in appearance and revered because it is only occasionally given to a Harriette who has gone above and beyond her normal duties. 
Ohhhh...thats where it is!!!!

Harriettes' Golden Boobs
When asked where the damn thing is, one Harriette responded that it had been 'sent out for repairs' but that was a while ago.... 

Does anyone know its whereabouts?  Can any one retrieve it and pass it into Strawbs and Nympho's hands?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Enforced Holiday everyone!

Happy mothers day to all who had a great time.
Commiserations to all who can't wait for it all to be over.
There are too many expectations set for a day like today that make it so easy for disappointment.
It all comes down to how easily can you express your true feelings and how well your loved ones accept them as your valid thoughts without feeling criticism.

Give them all a big hug and sit down together with a gin & tonic in front of the fire and have a merry old soak. (Lemoncello is a good choice too)

Love and hugs to all

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Remembering past Harriettes

There is strength in remembering losses. 
There is a heart warming in remembering those who were part of our lives and have since died.
There is joy in sharing happy memories of those we have lost.
I have wondered if we should be remembering Harriettes that have died in some way. 
When I was doing the Harriettes web pages I was tempted to create a page of rememberance for them but was advised that it might upset some.
Well now I want to ask you - would you be upset to see a rememberance page of past Harriettes?
Who would you like to see remembered in these pages?
What memories do you have to contribute to such a page.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

ANZAC Harriettes?

We had a great ANZAC Day run/march through the streets of Gladesville this week and it got me thinking.....

I know that our Darwin Don and Dame Nellie marched in the ANZAC Day march, very proud of them both.  I now wonder about what Harriettes were involved in the war effort or in the Australian (or New Zealand) forces over the years?

If I was cheeky [ you all know how that is an impossibility] I might mention Low Profile as the only Harriette I know with just the slightest of relations with the Australian fighting forces as she has set up trenches in various libraries in the Department of Defence and fought off various illiterate foes. I am sure she has been decorated for her bravery.

Surely there would be a number of Harriettes that have served in our forces at some time? Do you know of any? Is anyone willing to step forward and own up?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thunder on a Wednesday

Portrait of a Lady of the Saxon
 Court as Judith with the head
of Holofernes, circa 1537 - 1540
Reading through a history of the Saxons yesterday I came across an interesting 6th century Saxon superstition.
Thunder on a Wednesday predicts the death of a lazy woman. That doesn't worry me much as most of us can find something useful to do, especially on a Wednesday. You know the sort of thing - washing the windows, walking the dog, making dinner or just lopping off a head or two.

It seems to me it is impossible to be a lazy woman these days.  Just this morning I have read the paper, had breakfast, dressed and fixed my hair, made a shopping list, attempted to ignore the cat, then fed the cat, swept the floors, kissed the husband and planned lunch.  

The best thing to do on a Wednesday, of course is to get your gear on and paratroop into a Harriette run - not only because it is relaxing and socially fun but it also allows you to stretch your legs in a new location every week. 

Yes it has been thundery (and wet!) on most Wednesdays lately but thank goodness there are no lazy Harriettes. 

ONON Nymph