Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thunder on a Wednesday

Portrait of a Lady of the Saxon
 Court as Judith with the head
of Holofernes, circa 1537 - 1540
Reading through a history of the Saxons yesterday I came across an interesting 6th century Saxon superstition.
Thunder on a Wednesday predicts the death of a lazy woman. That doesn't worry me much as most of us can find something useful to do, especially on a Wednesday. You know the sort of thing - washing the windows, walking the dog, making dinner or just lopping off a head or two.

It seems to me it is impossible to be a lazy woman these days.  Just this morning I have read the paper, had breakfast, dressed and fixed my hair, made a shopping list, attempted to ignore the cat, then fed the cat, swept the floors, kissed the husband and planned lunch.  

The best thing to do on a Wednesday, of course is to get your gear on and paratroop into a Harriette run - not only because it is relaxing and socially fun but it also allows you to stretch your legs in a new location every week. 

Yes it has been thundery (and wet!) on most Wednesdays lately but thank goodness there are no lazy Harriettes. 

ONON Nymph

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