Sunday, 11 December 2011


Oh got a brain storm!  Lets make a short list of the sexiest men we want to meet and lets make them Associate members of the Harriettes.
Our current members are the most delightful Hashers you could find in Sydney but lets face it, there are only three or four of them on trail with us on any given Wednesday night, thats spreading the sexiness a little too thin for me.   

Why did I add a pic of George for Twin Dicks' run? Didn't you know?
Twin Dicks and George were separated at birth!

Anyway - back to my briliant idea, lets list who we would like included in our Associates listing.
George, of course.    Eric Banner  Brad Pit  Matt Daimon .... who else?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Are we using the wrong running shoe?

The goodweekend SMH mag ran an article this week on barefoot running and how the use of cushioned running shoes are actually teaching us to run in a 'heel-toe" style that will lead to more injury. I recall when I was first learing to run that I should try to land lightly on the toes...any one else heard of this?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Motor Mouth is in Prague and says hello

Annette says:
"Have spent last 3 days in Prague. First impressions not great as the apartment we choose via internet pretty grotty however we have seen some amazing sights including spectacular light show on the famous clock tonight. Off to Vienna early tomorrow." via facebook

Great to hear from you Annette.
So many Harriettes travel to very interesting places and should be sending more e-postcards to us. I should mention it to the GM. 
Meanwhile the GM has a great idea to set up a travel log for our yearbook - so if you have been somewhere lately start drafting your story.
ONON Nymph

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sisters share with eachother and brothers want to poison eachother

This absolute is true - sisters will share clothes and shoes with each other, brothers would rather poison each other than even touch a single item of their brother's clothing let alone actually wear it.

There are so many sisters out there that love to share clothes, secrets, advice and jokes. Yet there are so many more brothers out there that the only way to show love is to gouge eyes, burn hair, bruise heavily or hamstring each other.

Why is this so? The first answer I have is that oldest primeval of conditions –competition. Each brother sees all brothers (and their mates) as the genetic competition and is ready to wipe them out at every opportunity. However each sister instinctively sees other sisters as being on the same side and uses sharing as a survival tactic. Each sister that can share resources are both benefiting and increase each others’ ability to live longer.

Lone live the sorority!

Monday, 13 June 2011


The Queen may think she has two assets

POSH ONLY has two assets

the Queen really has OTHER ASSETS

Friday, 3 June 2011

Harriette Bucket has been leading the trend in Australia

For a number of years now the Sydney Hash House Harriettes have been adding (and increasing) the ratio of wine [and champas] to beer in our bucket. Some have said it was a cultural move, others have indicated that our increased preference for wine shows a more mature pallet.

What ever the reason now the ABS has reported that only now the rest of Australia has caught up with the Harriettes.

So lets raise our wine glasses to the Harriettes and to the next trend!

ONON Nympho