Sunday, 10 February 2008

Protest! Protest! Protest!

10th Feb 2008
Where were the Balmain pack today? Great to see Old Hand there, we walked over together and raised a real ruckus. This was a great protest rally held today against the RTA's proposed second Iron Cove Bridge. I counted 1,000 people walking over the Iron Cove Bridge to a band and protest speaches from Tom Uren and other polies and locals speaking so well about the mad determination of the State Transport ministry to build a bridge that will only increase congestion through the inner west. I will post some pictures soon as I can.

Go to the No New Bridge Website for more information - Nympho

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Going Bollywood or OTT for a Hash event is hard work

There are a number of hard core Harriettes who frequently OTT for all our dress up events. They sure make a difference. But I want to see more. Captain Knockers looming tall over all of us and Ma Soup glides below most of us, both wearing a wig and mad make-up, Ace will have deicate jewels and the best colours, Klangers, Starboard and Hell Raiser all quietly wearing a witty interpretation of the night's theme. Boomerang, Minnie and Robin Hood giving OTT a new meaning. Cant wait for the Bollywood AGM. See you there.