Friday, 5 March 2010

Fruity today

Love the fruit? I don't eat enough and I know you don't either. On the other hand there are too many of us that a real "fruits" - not picking up the bucket for your run next week...not being available to write the run report...wanting to moan if there is any hint of loss of wine at the bucket.
Then there are the nuts...those little hard kernels of protein are delicious and very moreish. Just keep the people 'nuts' away from me...the "I can't pay you tonight because I am too busy" nuts...or the "we never do it that way" nut.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First Blog, first Wednesday Run and some ideas

Run #1614 Wed 3/3/10 6.30pm start

First Wednesday Run of the new SH3 committee is upon us and with great confidence I know that this little group of Harriettes will put on a good show. There is talk around what the theme to this new committee will be. There is also a buzz around several Harriettes wanting to get their complaints / suggestions in early. To the Harriettes providing constructive ideas or solutions - thank you! To the Harriettes looking for a chance to whinge - my response is the same as it always has been - get on Committee or shut up!

ONON: Little Manly Reserve Kiosk, cnr Stuart & Carey St, Little Manly Cove