Sunday, 29 April 2012

ANZAC Harriettes?

We had a great ANZAC Day run/march through the streets of Gladesville this week and it got me thinking.....

I know that our Darwin Don and Dame Nellie marched in the ANZAC Day march, very proud of them both.  I now wonder about what Harriettes were involved in the war effort or in the Australian (or New Zealand) forces over the years?

If I was cheeky [ you all know how that is an impossibility] I might mention Low Profile as the only Harriette I know with just the slightest of relations with the Australian fighting forces as she has set up trenches in various libraries in the Department of Defence and fought off various illiterate foes. I am sure she has been decorated for her bravery.

Surely there would be a number of Harriettes that have served in our forces at some time? Do you know of any? Is anyone willing to step forward and own up?


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