Saturday, 26 May 2012

Missing Sydney Harriettes' Franklins Award....?

Not the Sydney Harriette
Franklins Award!!
During our last AGM Strawbs and Nympho were recognised for their contributions and their efforts, over the years, in making the Harriette experience the fun filled Wednesday night it deserves to be.  Their efforts were recognised by being awarded the Franklins Award, however they were unable to receive the actual trophy as it has gone missing.

It has been a few years since its last public appearance (much like the golden boobs and the chastity belt), it is a large trophy, gaudy in appearance and revered because it is only occasionally given to a Harriette who has gone above and beyond her normal duties. 
Ohhhh...thats where it is!!!!

Harriettes' Golden Boobs
When asked where the damn thing is, one Harriette responded that it had been 'sent out for repairs' but that was a while ago.... 

Does anyone know its whereabouts?  Can any one retrieve it and pass it into Strawbs and Nympho's hands?

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