Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Back to work

7th Jan 2008
Well first day back at the desk and so much to do. Dust off my work space, toss the old chrissy cards and mouldy tea I left behind (yeuck). I try to get myself in the right mood to cope with my emails, maybe a coffee with work colleagues will help. Well now I'm too hyper to focus - damn. Water - that's a better idea, so to the kitchen for a refill (bugger the toxins in the plastic bottle).

I catch up with the crowd at the kitchen - loads of people managed to get away so it takes me a while to hear about everyone's holiday. Back at my desk I delete a few spam emails. Someone sends me a joke email - I have to open it and send back a thank you email. Now I need to go to the toilet (too much water....). I bump into someone who needs to tell me about their holiday. At my desk again and I get a few calls - two of them were for forgotten password - holiday was too long. I send them the info. I see someone passing by me with a few envelopes and realise that will probably have some snail-mail, so I go to the mail room and sure enough there are two christmas cards and a few bills. Oh Shit! they are overdue. I set up to pay them. I look at my watch, what do you know - its lunch time.

OK, I catch up with some colleagues for lunch. It wakes a while for everyone to get organised and fed so it is well into the afternoon. It was not a waste of time there were a load of good ideas expressed. No pen and paper with us so at my desk I try to write down what was said - then I send it to everyone for points that they remember, I re-edit it and this takes the rest of the afternoon. Some key people were not at the lunch so we really can't do anything with this until they get back from their holidays which will be next week. Now I am depressed so I go for an afternoon snack to cheer me up. I get back to my desk and get a call that our team afternoon tea to welcome everyone back to work is about to start. I schlep to the kitchen and tuck into another cake. Back at my desk - I have so much sugar in my system I can't see my computer screen.

That's it! I give up. I get on the bus and head home, I write in my diary.... "Well first day back..." - ONON Nympho

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