Saturday, 2 August 2008

New leaf - I am turning it over today

So today is the first post of the rest of my Blogging life. I have looked over my past entries and found they are too infrequent.
This little Harriette is about to start to 'really blog'

Here goes:
Crumbed veal today for lunch - and I am late getting it started.
The papers are talking loads about Chinese Government crimes against its people. The crushing weight of authority dictating how the Chinese must obey all laws, even the unwritten and implied laws. How you must behave, how you should be friendly how you must show feelings in public. Where you can go and not go, who you can call friend and who you can not. Which racial minority is the right racial minority.
I wonder if the Oz Olympic athletes should be counted as lucky or unlucky. They will face more rules about their behaviour than any other sporting teams, covering behaviour, movement, food and who they can talk to.
I don't expect to hear about any African athletes seeking asylum during these games....
Are we lucky or unlucky as a nation to have a new Mandarin speaking PM elected just before the games. Does a KRudd prime minister mean we will be required to 'save face' and turn up at the games and end up helping the Chinese promote their 'friendly sham?

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